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Synergy Blue's - Zombie$ boss


The game everyone is DYING to play!

In this first person shooter, you are a mercenary with witty one-liners, hired to clear out a grotesque zombie infestation and uncover the root cause. This adventure takes you through several levels, ranging from creepy junkyards to abandon underground military bunkers – each with unique surprises, health packs, and rewards, all while testing lady luck. Find and eliminate the zombie general leading the fight against humanity before its too late!

Zombie$ Bunker Boss

Safari Match

Safari Match

Get ready for the ultimate safari experience!

This colorful Connect 3 game is strategic and fun. Dazzling waterfalls, crystal clear streams and adorable animals come to life as you play through the vast savannah. Match 3 or more animals to collect points, prizes and extra chances to win big. Dynamite explosions, crazy unicorns and bonus rounds make the gambling on this safari adventure wildly entertaining.


Are you ready for a fun word game adventure?

Help adorable sea creatures reach their sea floor home using your creative word making skills. Play against your friends or against the clock- either way, the larger the word, the better your reward. This word puzzle game will improve your brainpower and could fatten your pocket book!

SquidWords game

LuckyKarts - Space Track


Speed your way to a big win!

Race your friends or race the clock down a classic speedway, a beach boulevard or even an out-of-this-world space track. With your customized character and ride, your personalized Lucky Kart will get you across the finish line! Watch your fuel tank and collect coins & power ups to give you a needed boost and the chance to win big!

Erickson’s Golden Quest

Gaming’s hidden treasure!

In this level style adventure game, our hero, Erickson Buick (cousin of another famous adventurer), journeys through the jungle to the Golden Temple, in search of hidden treasure. With your help Erickson Buick jumps over pits, swings over ravines and fights off creatures. Untold treasure awaits those brave enough to battle past the hordes of cursed temple guardians. Test your luck and your courage!

Ericsson's Golden Quest
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