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HAWG®: Hybrid Arcade
Wager-Based Gaming

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Creating an exciting offering for a younger demographic:

  • 28-45 years old
  • Socially driven
  • Tech Savvy
  • Risk-averse
HAWG Hybrid Arcade Wager-Based Gaming

Our patented and patent-pending HAWG® solution blends GLI11 compliant, skill and non-skill-based gambling with the uninterrupted entertainment of arcade style play. Patrons play through the arcade game while simultaneously wagering. In simple terms, HAWG® is a highly entertaining way for patrons to participate in class 3 and class 2 gaming. The gambling aspect takes into account jurisdictional minimum and operation maximum returns to player, while incorporating the seamless entertainment component which draws a younger demographic.

Synergy Blue has developed several games for it’s HAWG® solution. These include word puzzle, match 3, platformer, driving and first person shooter type games. Additionally, existing licenses and game titles can easily be adapted. HAWG® is a compliant under current regulations in most jurisdictions.

With HAWG® everyone wins. The casino operator taps into an under-serviced demographic. The manufacturers and distributors sell more games. And most importantly, the patron enjoys a new, engaging and fun experience with the chance to win!

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  • HAWG® is protected intellectual property
  • HAWG® is GLI compliant NOW
  • HAWG® is pre-approved interface is market ready
  • Using the HAWG® system means no risk, regardless of skill-based regulatory outcomes
  • Same hold and volatility as traditional slots
  • Adjustable spin rate
  • Our line of VGM® brand gaming machines incorporate the latest HAWG® technology

First-person shooters + Driving + Sports + Fantasy Role Playing

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