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Service Window Applications

Consumers in a wide range of sectors have come to expect a new level of excitement and engagement in their entertainment experiences, Synergy Blue is at the forefront of helping to bring that kind of experience to the player on the floor. IGT’s Service Window provides unlimited opportunities to engage players and enhance the gaming experience. There are numerous applications that are already available beyond the bonusing applications like Random Riches and Point Pursuit. Synergy Blue proudly offers a suite of On-Demand products which can be purchased through your IGT sales representative:


  • Beverage On Demand®
  • Security On Demand®
  • Host On Demand®
  • Valet On Demand®
  • Weather On Demand®
Synergy Blue Service Window Applications
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Synergy Blue Service Window Games

Service Window Interactive Games for Intelligent Bonusing™, Random Riches and Team Challenge

With a range of player personalized capabilities expanded by IGT’s Intelligent Bonusing™ Solutions, Random Riches and Team Challenge, Casinos’ can now track and manage the player’s experience in real-time and deliver custom content or offerings to the slot machine based on patron metrics and behavior.

To capitalize on this, Synergy Blue proudly offers a suite of themes which can be purchased through your IGT Sales Representative:

  • Jeb and the Beansprout®
  • Pirates Cash Cannon®
  • Erickson’s Golden Quest®
  • Johnny Rambit’s Eggstreme Easter®
  • Peng U Win®
  • Plus many more

Custom titles can be produced, contact Synergy Blue for more information.

Dragon Mahjong
Interactive Speed Games

Media Window Interactive Speed Games, Ncompass and Sentinel

Aristocrat Technologies offers a suite of solutions that deliver the information you need, create the innovative interactive experience you want, and establish seamless communication and content flow between individual gaming machines and casino management systems.

To further enhance Media Window interaction, contact your ATI Sales Representative for a complete listing of available Speed Games.

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