Why a Marriage of Chance and Skill Could Revolutionize Casino Gambling

Synergy Blue Gaming and GamblingThe stakes are high in casino gambling. From slot machines to Roulette, games of chance have long fueled gamers desire to beat the odds for sudden paydays. But today’s casino operators are contending with declining gambling revenue and it’s left the industry on the cusp of make-or-break change.

Part of this pressure stems from a gaming landscape that has continued to become more competitive as a result of new casinos, the growing popularity of online gaming, and the continued growth of tribal casinos, which rivals the growth of commercial casinos.

But for casinos to compete, they’ll need to do much more than just drive traffic through the door. They must re-think the games that sit on their highly valuable floor real estate.

One of the biggest culprits in revenue loss for Casino Operators is a result of a new generation of gamblers that is accustomed to a different kind of gaming experience. This emerging class of gamblers are especially tech-savvy, digital natives who grew up playing video games, and they require different kinds of games — games that offer a more engaging and entertaining experience by marrying the thrill of chance with the skill of video and arcade games.
Games of chance have dominated casino floor space in the past. After all, the chance factor is what makes it a gamble. But players who grew up playing games of skill aren’t content to simply sit and push a button and hope for a chance to win big. The introduction of skill in a world of chance stands to revolutionize the gambling experience and engage players once again.

But getting there is a tough road. The stakes and barrier-to-entry for game-changing platforms have always been high. For Casino Operators, there is a delicate play between liability and entertainment value, and the introduction of skill in games makes this balance even harder to strike. Add to this the difficult process of certification by state regulators, and innovation in gaming has continued to stall.

The status quo of gaming is leaving casinos with fewer options to compete in an increasingly diverse and growing landscape, coupled with a new generation of gamblers requiring new experiences. An outdated system needs an innovative mind to modernize and enhance the games and casinos of tomorrow.