How Younger Gamblers, Experiences, and Safety Concerns Will Influence Industry Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of uncertainty throughout the casino industry. With situations evolving day-to-day, it’s difficult to map out a successful path to recovery. But as we look forward and prepare to rebuild our industry, the conversation shifts to the long-term impact.

While there will undoubtedly be a lasting effect on the industry economically, we at Synergy Blue wanted to examine the indelible impact on the gamers and gamblers themselves. Do they want the same casino experiences as before? What will drive them back to casinos? And how have their preferences changed?

To uncover how casinos can meet changing expectations and bring players back to their establishments in a post-COVID landscape, we surveyed 1,000 consumers — specifically those who gamble — in late April 2020.

Report Findings at a Glance:


Younger gamblers show the most confidence in returning to casinos once they reopen


Of those planning to return to casinos, 48% said their gambling spend would not change


Of those who gambled online or played mobile games (pay-to-play/free-to-play) during the pandemic plan to continue once stay-at-home orders are lifted

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