The Rise of the Gaming Gambler

How Arcade, Video and Mobile Games Are Influencing a New Generation of Gamblers

The casino industry is certainly feeling some growing pains, but to understand how to progress forward, we need to take a look back. While many generations have enjoyed a traditional gambling experience, emerging groups of gamblers—specifically, those who grew up with the advent of video and arcade games—have started to demand a new generation of casino games. We believe that the emergence of this new, gaming generation is a key driver behind the interest in and growth of skill-influenced gaming in casinos.

To further examine current expectations for the gambling experience, and to uncover just how much video, arcade and even mobile games have influenced the preferences of casino demographics, we asked over 1,000 gamblers to share their thoughts.

gaming controller

Report Findings at a Glance:


of people said they’d be more likely to visit a casino if the games were more like video, arcade or mobile games.


of people said if casino games were more like video, arcade or mobile games, they’d spend more time playing them.


said that if a game requires more thought, strategy or skill to play, they feel their chances of winning are increased.

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