The State of Skill-Based Games in a New Era of Gambling

Ushering in a New Generation of Gamblers and Gamers with Skill

The casino gaming industry is in a state of rapid evolution. Many are looking for new ways to expand customer demographics and drive player engagement. For this reason, skill-based and arcade-style games have received a lot of attention as a new gambling experience for a new generation of gamblers. However, early adoption has yet to be culled into meaningful metrics, making it difficult for some to realize the potential of adoption.

For this reason, we asked executives from over 100 casinos about their top priorities, their challenges, and the role they think skill-based games could have in the future of casino gaming.

Report Findings at a Glance:


of casino executives think skill-based games could help them appeal to a new generation of gamblers


Of those who have adopted skill-based games, 81% say they provide a different player experience


of casinos say they have, plan to, or are considering adopting skill-based games, games with skill components, or games with arcade-style play.

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